Terms and Conditions.

Effective date: 25th May 2018

PADI or Parking Appeals dot Info is a comprehensive source of information on private parking charges - and what to do about them.

Our Terms and Conditions are quite simple. In order to guide you to the correct information, we need callers to give us enough information to do so. We only need the information from the 4 "tests" that are used in these case and which are explained on the home page but to recap, these are:

  • Was the car there at the time stated?
  • Was the controlled area marked out so that a driver would know it was controlled?
  • What rules were on display and were they clear?
  • Were the rules broken and which one(s)?
  • We don't actually need personal information or background such as your financial situation. This is by and large irrelevant to the facts of any case. Don't take offence if we don't enquire as we can only record information that is relevant and nothing more.