Sources of help.

Parking Appeals normally does not offer any support to ordinary drivers except for the information that is provided for free on its help pages here or its website. We offer no guarantees of warranties and none should be assumed.

There is some excellent and free advice available on the following forums and we encourage consumers to use the detail proved there and on our site.


MoneySavingExpert is probably has the largest forum section devoted to private parking charges and handles a significant number of new cases each day. There are templates, guides to the legal process and ongoing support for posters. They also claim a (qualified) 99% success rate with court claims though this has not been verified.


A smaller and less well-known forum but has deep expertise on both private parking charges and local authority penalty notices. Some posters are legally qualified with a deep understanding of issues such as speeding and other motor related criminal charges. By far the best for penalty charges.

Legal Beagles

Legal Beagles own description sums up what they do which is much wider than just parking charges.

We cover all kinds of topics, including; Court Claims, Employment, Family & Relationships, Motoring & Parking, Wills & Probate. Founded in May 2007, the LegalBeagles community is made up of dedicated & enthusiastic individuals who are experienced in consumer issues. Most of us are fighting, or have successfully fought, our own battles. We are committed to remaining free to access to all our users.

Other sites

The traditional or legacy site for consumers is Citizens Advice, though they appear to have been left behind with some of the advice from the specialist online forums above. Still worth considering as they offer face-to-face advice for those that prefer this level of help.

CAG or Consumer Action Group is another site. And those in Greater London might want to try NotoMob.