Manchester County Court and Family Court

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Parking companies active at this court in 2017: A S Parking(1), All Parking Services UK(4), AM Parking Services(1), Car Park Management Services CPMS(9), Civil Enforcement(18), Debt Enforcement And Action(1), Defence Systems Park Watch(2), District Enforcement(8), ES Parking Enforcement(99), Euro Parking Services(2), Excel Parking Services(186), Gemini Parking Solutions London(5), Link Parking(2), MIL Collections(20), Millennium Door and Event Security(1), Minster Baywatch(2), National Car Parks(3), NE Parking(12), Pace Recovery And Storage(6), Park Direct UK(1), Parking And Property Management(8), Parking Control Management(8), ParkingEye(65), PCN NW(1), Premier Park(7), Private Parking Solutions London(4), Secure-a-Space(1), SIP Parking(179), Smart Parking(5), Spring Parking(1), TSP Car Park Management(2), UK Car Park Management(16), UK Parking(1), UK Parking Control(14), UK Parking Management And Enforcement(32), UK Parking Patrol Office(8), UKCPS(2), University Of Leeds(1), Vehicle Control Services(29)

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Court Hearings
Court Hearings
Court Hearings
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Court Name: Manchester County Court and Family Court.
Address: 1 Bridge Street West,Manchester,M60 9DJ.
Phone: 0161 240 5000