Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court and Family Court

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Parking companies active at this court in 2017: A S Parking(1), AM Parking Services(3), Capital Carpark Control(2), Civil Enforcement(21), Close Unit Protection Services(2), CP Plus(1), District Enforcement(4), Euro Parking Services(1), Excel Parking Services(3), Gemini Parking Solutions London(19), Horizon Parking(7), Island Parking Solutions(1), KBT Cornwall(1), LCP Parking Services(5), Link Parking(6), London Parking Solutions(24), MIL Collections(7), Millennium Door and Event Security(1), Minster Baywatch(1), Napier Parking(1), NE Parking(1), New Generation Parking Management(3), Pace Recovery And Storage(82), Park Direct UK(14), Parking And Property Management(56), Parking Control Management(185), ParkingEye(62), Private Parking Solutions London(9), Secure-a-Space(3), SIP Parking(2), Spring Parking(5), UK Car Park Management(82), UK Parking(1), UK Parking Control(49), Vehicle Control Services(4), Wing Parking(1)

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Court Hearings
Court Hearings
Court Hearings
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Court Name: Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court and Family Court.
Address: The Gee Street Courthouse, 29-41 Gee Street,London,EC1V 3RE.
Phone: 0300 123 5577