Daily list of parking charge court cases.

Why Court?

In 2017, there were 5.4mn private parking tickets issued. In the same period there were some 8,000 court hearings with many, many claims being thrown out well before the court hearing stage. So you have well under a 1% chance (1 in 100) of getting a court claim and even less likely to go to court.

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Full Court List

Court Cases for 21-08-2018

Court Claim No. Parking Company Comments
Aldershot E0FC939F ParkingEye
Barnsley E8DP27C0 Vehicle Control Services
Birmingham D7DP526V Excel Parking Services Set Aside
Birmingham D7GF701J Horizon Parking
Brentford E1GM130E Civil Enforcement
Brentford D6FC384G ParkingEye
Burnley E2GM968E Civil Enforcement
Burnley E6GF84C5 ES Parking Enforcement
Central London D3GF8Q0H/3 Parking Control Management (UK) Post Set Aside
Chester E8QZ93Y4 UKCPS
Clerkenwell D3GF42W7 Parking Control Management (UK)
Clerkenwell E6GF34C8 Parking Control Management (UK)
Clerkenwell E6GF72C8 Parking Control Management (UK)
Clerkenwell E5GF01C6 Spring Parking
Gloucester D8HW3W3A/2 UK Parking Control Post Set Aside
Gloucester D8HW3W0A/3 UK Parking Control Post Set Aside
Leeds E0QZ33D3 Vehicle Control Services
Liverpool D5GF4V3V Defence Systems Park WATCH Set Aside
Liverpool E0HW766N UK Parking Control Set Aside
Merthyr Tydfil E7FC273H/2 ParkingEye Set Aside
Milton Keynes E1GM224E Civil Enforcement
Newport (Gwent) E4GF726R/2 Link Parking Set Aside/LP
Nuneaton E7GM53E2/2 Civil Enforcement From 23-05-2018
Reading D4GF5G1A/2 UK Car Park Management Post Set Aside
Romford D7GM24FN/2 Civil Enforcement Set Aside
Skipton C5DP7T63 Excel Parking Services Set Aside
Skipton E8DP11C2 Excel Parking Services
Southampton E7FC9M01 ParkingEye Set Aside
Tain TAI-SG67-18 Smart Parking Procedural
Tunbridge Wells D9GF0G7M UK Car Park Management Set Aside