Corporate Fleets

Reducing the administative burden.

Totally Digital

We run a totally digital service where your company's drivers can upload or email details of any "offence" incurred when driving a vehicle on company business. This allows PADI to check the paperwork, issuing company and location against its database of similar issues to allow a quick decision on how to deal with individual charges.

Flat Fee

Our charges are usually based on a flat fee to see the parking charge through the process to appeal, cancellation, payment or court. Each parking charge is dealt with on the Risk Profiles we have developed over the last 4 years from our work in this area. You can see typical Risk Profiles here.

End-to-End support

The most common reasons for drivers having pay these parking charges is failing to identify the risks (see above) and getting lost in the deliberately confusing administration systems that parking companies use. Until such time as Parliament legislates to change the appeals mechanisms, the confusions and the burden on Company Mangers will continue.

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